Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

Oscar Wilde

How does coaching work?

During our first appointment, you will have the chance to share your concerns and define your individual goals for the future and for our collaboration. We will meet during one and a half to two hours every two to three weeks. The timeline is four to eight months. Our meetings will take place virtually or on site in Constance. If possible, after your appointments, you should have some time for self-reflection. 

During the follow-up appointments, we pick up on the topics of the previous meeting and you report on what you have implemented in the meantime and what questions have arisen. We end the coaching after a few successful months and reflect together on the steps and solutions we have worked out. If any further questions arise at any point in time after the coaching, please do not hesitate to contact me.

What will happen during our coaching?

You decide the topics, professional or private, that you wish to speak about and I support you methodically and procedurally. Coaching is mostly about helping people so that they can help themselves by giving them the necessary tools to do so. You alone define which steps and actions you will implement. You report which question you would like to clarify for yourself, and I offer you methods and processes how you can work on becoming the best version of yourself and thus improving personal performance. It is important to know that only you can change something about yourself and, above all, that you can change it in a way that is comprehensible to yourself.

You will describe experiences or situations in which you would like to reflect on yourself, and we will work out possible solutions. I work with the concept of ‘mindfulness’ in coaching and make sure that you consciously slow down. This helps in understanding what motivates you and helps you to focus and remain calm, even during stressful times. I take the time to understand your wants, needs, and aspirations to deliver a uniquely tailored plan. From here, we work on developing concepts together that will help you take the necessary next steps on your journey. What you decide to apply or not from our sessions is entirely up to you.

What goals can be achieved in coaching?

Each coaching is individual and thus, your goals are also individual. There may be questions along the following lines:


How do I become a better leader?


How do I stay calmer and more relaxed in stressful situations?


How do I get a better work-life balance?


How do I grow into my new role?


How do I handle stress better?


How can I realize my full potential?


How do I become the calm in the midst of a storm?


How do I become more satisfied & happy with myself?


and much more…

What experience and knowledge can I offer you as a coach?

Due to many years of professional experience in various positions, both in medium-sized businesses and in global companies, I have gained a lot of personal experience in dealing with leadership, power struggles and have continuously applied the effectiveness of coaching and self-awareness. I have broadened my knowledge with well-founded trainings and further education. In my coaching approach, various in-depth psychological approaches and effective factors of mindfulness are applied.

You as a client are supported in your personal development in an intimate setting. The focus is on overcoming challenges and reaching goals faster; in short: becoming the best version of yourself. With my high level of comprehension and my ability to put myself in your perspective and in your situation, I will show you the correlations. Together we develop successful solutions.

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